1. Are there rehearsals on school holidays?

Yes – YSDP rehearses at the regular time on school holidays (Columbus Day, MLK Day, President’s Day). YSDP has winter and spring break, in which rehearsals are not scheduled in accordance with the Naperville School  District 203/204 calendars. Rehearsals on school holidays are held at Wentz Hall on the campus of North Central College unless otherwise posted.

2. How do we get concert tickets?

Concert tickets are available for sale in the lobby of our concert venue beginning two hours before concert start. Musicians in YSDP have first access to tickets, so numbers may be limited.  Click  HERE to send an email to place an order for tickets. Suggested ticket donations vary between $10- 15.00 depending on the concert.

3. How are seats assigned?  Are there challenges for seats/chairs?

Seating assignments are determined by the conductor before the concert season starts. The conductor has the right to change seating assignments as needed and/or due to attendance, behavior or other reasons that may affect the seating of the musicians. There are no challenges held for chair/seat positions unless deemed necessary by the conductor(s).

4. How is it determined who is in Concert or Symphony orchestra?

Auditions are held each spring to determine the membership of the orchestras. Generally, advanced upper elementary and middle school age musicians are in the Concert Orchestra. Advanced middle school and high school musicians may be in the Symphony Orchestra based on their audition performance and playing ability.  Most importantly, placement is determined where the student will best develop musically.  Changes between orchestras may occur if deemed necessary by the conductor(s) during the concert season.

5. When are auditions?

Auditions are held each spring, usually in late April/early May. Everyone auditions each year, returning and new members. New members may audition in August if there are further instrumentation needs. Select pieces may need instruments not used consistently in the orchestra which may also need auditioning throughout the concert season. All auditions are at the discretion of the conductor(s).

6. What is appropriate concert dress for musicians?

As listed in our Membership Guidelines, concert dress is formal, tux or suit, for boys and full length black dresses for girls. Black shoes/socks are required for all musicians and limited jewelry. For complete details, see our Membership guideline book. Musicians are responsible for providing their own attire.

7. Does YSDP need volunteers?

YES – YSDP can maintain its modest tuition because we use many parent volunteers. We often need help with attendance, rehearsal set up and tear down, concert preparations and marketing. If you are interested in volunteering for YSDP, please send us an email by clicking HERE.

8. Are fundraisers required for parents/musicians?

At present, we do not require parents or student musicians to do any fundraising to support the organization. On occasion YSDP may host a fundraising event which is suggested to attend, but not mandatory. We do ask for parent volunteers to help defray costs.